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Dirty Wombs / Gutter split LP

by Dirty Wombs

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There are some people that don' t have to eat but they are fighting 'cause they wanna live They are in drugs, sick and addicted trying to stop this pain self-inflicted Loosing friends, feeling sad never suicide, never give up With protests and riots everywhere trying to preserve their rights which fade away THESE. ARE. THE TRUE. WARRIORS OF LIFE Never surrender Never retreat Always have a fighting spirit While others always grumble Complaining for their misery “struggle” There are these people who fight 'till the end Many to loose FEW TO GAIN
Το ξέρω πως υπάρχουν στιγμές που νιώθεις μόνος Πληγωμένος, προδωμένος, βαδίζεις κενός Σε μονοπάτια προδωσίας, περιπλανιέσαι Σε σοκάκια ντροπής, την κοινωνία καταριέσαι Welcome the pain Stand strong and look in its eyes Don't be afraid You have power to do whatever you want Confront the pain You can always destroy whatever it hurts Kill the pain Feel free to reach your salvation Don't be afraid Όταν τον πόνο, να φοβάσαι, σταματήσεις Ελευθερία του νου, τότε και μόνο, θα προσεγγίσεις ΌΛΟΙ ΜΠΟΡΟΥΝΕ ΜΑ ΛΙΓΟΙ ΤΟΛΜΟΥΝΕ
As I am getting older I remember all the faults that the world has done From the wars to the lies, children cries AND THE LIVES had been lost and the nightmares without a cost In the name of cruel ideals living through fears History always forgets But our minds, always, remember the faults you have done Repeating the same mistakes getting richer, whatever it takes Same life, another age keeping us always in a cage
Shrouds 02:42
Stop be pathetic Your life is a gag They want you to be dead Don' t even understand Your whole fucking life Is a funeral procession They drive you to death To dance upon your grave WAKE UP AND BURN, with fire, the shrouds they told you to wear BURN Μέσα στις στάχτες θάβω βαθιά το παρελθόν Και μέσα απ' τις φλόγες ανακαλύπτω τον εαυτό Που τόσα χρόνια είχαν βυθίσει μέσα σε λήθη Και πλέον διψασμένος ψάχνει για να εκδικηθεί Burn the shrouds they told you to wear Wake up and realize your life is a gag
Nightfever 03:20
NIGHT FEVER Haunting your life Haunting your dreams Ακόμα μια νύχτα κι ένας εφιάλτης σου τρώει το μυαλό Οι τύψεις σε πνίγουν οι φόβοι σε συντρίβουν Για λάθη που έκανες μετανιώνεις, ζητάς συγνώμη Κι ο πυρετός σε καίει, μπροστά στις σκέψεις παραλύεις This is the night that eats you alive This is the time Υou must start a fight This is the night burning your soul These are the thoughts Crashing tο your world This is the night, hollows your life This is the time You must stay alive This is the night burning your soul These are the thoughts Crashing to your world Μπροστά στο φως του ήλιου φαντάζεις πιο δυνατός Μα σαν το σκοτάδι πέσει είσαι πόλυ μικρός


12" split LP with Gutter (Athens, Greece), released in 321 copies by the bands and Screaming Victims Records (GR), Scarecrow Records GR), No Sanctuary Records (PL).


released June 12, 2013




Dirty Wombs Πάτρα, Greece

Patras City Burning Spirits. Est 2011. Greece South-West. DIY.


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